Dover & MeetMe 

So I’m sitting on the bed relaxing with my thoughts,it’s been a beautiful day that I got to just relax with the pooch and the NASCAR gang in Dover. Which will be happening again tomorrow with the sprint cup cars. Today’s Xfinity race was great to watch because there’s no dull moment just like with the cup teams. I know a lot of people complain about one thing or another because they aren’t happy with something but honestly I think that the reason most people are complaining about something is because they are not happy with the way their lives are and nothing /nobody is going to change the situation for them. It’s a lot like the community members who bitch about things on MeetMe. I have complained some I wi admit it but only when someone or something really disturbs me. Anyway,if I wasn’t content with the community I wouldn’t be there and even though I have mixed feelings about something’s I see there I know that there’s still nothing quite like it 


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