Friday Wrap Up

So I’m just sitting here relaxing in my room and thinking about my day and I’m still very energetic because it was a very good day and I’m moving in a positive direction with my blogging adventure. I am very pleased with the fact that I was acknowledged by one of the best celebrity bloggers out there. Perez Hilton responded to one of my tweets this morning after I messaged him about the gossip table program on Vh1. Then outta no where I notice that he liked one of my earlier Instagram selfies. Oh I never thought that I would get so bent over by a famous person acknowledging me. Oh well it happened and the day moved on. Something else happened also but this is not exactly news,Nina who is Ian Ziering’s mother in law liked a photo that I shared on Facebook,it was a corvette selfie of Ian & the black I8A4RE. a newer generation of the black corvette from the Steve Sanders days of Beverly Hills 90210. After the excitement was finished,I spent the remainder of my day reblogging other stories from other bloggers on WordPress. Also reblogging many stories from my friend Perez Hilton. I did definitely stay on track eating wise today even though I was wanting to be a bad girl I wasn’t. Definitely enjoyed my tofu and Chilled pineapple drink. In case you want to read my other blog,it can be found at Sweet Dreams Everyone! 💖💖


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