Saturday Situation

So I have realized that I am addicted to blogging because of my multiple accounts on several platforms but they honestly all have a purpose. I don’t enjoy going on to a platform to check out my feeds and get bombed with whatever disturbing stories or images someone on my friends list deemed appropriate for public consumption. It maybe in their eyes but maybe it isn’t in someone else’s. I want to get my opinions of life out there because everyone has something important to say. Today is the 31st anniversary show for my favorite radio station in Philadelphia but I am not going. It’s not that I don’t love the station or the artists who are performing-it’s about the people who attend. It has gotten somewhat out of control with the drinking and smoking. As a former smoker, I choose not to put myself in position to have a relapse. Almost one year off nicotine and I’m living a healthier lifestyle. Anyway today will be spent working on blogging and doing a local job. Until another inspiration hits I’m going to go get some sun. ❤️


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